Paintings by Magnus Wurzer

  Quadrinity or More 1994 Trinity Mushroom 1995 Geh Aus 1995 A-horny Leaf-t-Over 1980-1993 Heart Shaped Phace 1994 Witch 1991

If you can´t shake it
fake it baby.
If you cannot forgive
you just might forget.
If you can´t shake it, baby
you still can take it, baby.
Maybe, you´re a genius, baby
but, hey, are you sirius, maybe?
If you still try to give
you just might be set
to be serious, baby.
but,hey are you sirius, maybe?
If you can´t fake it, baby
you have to take it, baby
but maybe, i am serious,
i am sirius, baby.

abc (vienna, march ´97) 13 1995 Grumpy in Berlin 1995 8.6 Light-Years 1995 Are You Sirius 1994 Irish Setter 1994 Untitled #X Happy Bears 1994 Para-Normaloid 1994 #1 1990 A Phace No Name 1994 House Of The Rising Fun 1991 2. Gesicht ißt Frage 1995 Mary in Birdland 1995

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Magnus Wurzer, Vienna