Monika Meisl - Dr.Maduse
Dr. Maduse

The Joker
The world comes in a picture of a chrismastree That`s a joke !
The Joker flies at this world with a chrismastree in his hand,
and his heart hurts because he saw the smiles in the faces of 
the people.
The Joker screams!
The men don't hear him and the ladies are dead. All People are dead.
His scream becomes a power to the human race. And they crowled, and
they are lasering to deliver the misery vally.
Only love can break your heart. They stand up and build a metal
castle. The black colored people nobody heard her because they won't 
help without the Joker, munt them and becovery death starvatis 
is in the holes. There are playing life cards and always,
the Joker is coming we think on the people the built the metal walls.
We don't need you! He is not god!
We've got the money, horseman.
Remember me! You're so sexy.
Krishna flies, and Lucifer was
with over horseman.
You know You won't beat us,no way! You know you won't get us
because i lived with Harri Krishna, but he is not god.