autonomous aggression

trashing artists: aa

AutonomousAgent A: Now itīs 6 fucking hours til the next ferry to goddam 
  Germany. We have to do something. I canīt just watch that boat disappear 
  on the horizon .... I feel so aggressive I could almost destroy something!
AutonomousAgent B: You are to-tal-ly right! Letīs go find some 
  tech-equipment we can wreck!
AA A: All right, but first Iīll break into that lighted building just over there, 
  there must be somebody to blame the lousy schedule on.

... later ... AA B sits in the car which is parked between the waterfront and 
a house supposedly used by the ferry company.

AA B:Whatīs under your pullover? You didnīt by any chance decapitate an 
  employee of the hare-hare ferry-company? No gunshozz?!!
AA A: Much better ... I found what we were just looking for - look at 
  this brandnew video which I swear is used by these bastards to dream away 
  their lonely nights on pornography! Why decapitate the ferrymen if you can 
  take away what is going into their heads?!	
AA B: Oh, wait a sec ... didnīt we say WE should get sometech to wreck - now 
  you pulled your stunt and I have almost come to the assertment that I should 
  be the one and only to destroy this admittedly attractive stolen good.
AA A: Hey - fair play; I brought it so I do wanna at least have a word to say 
  on how this destructive act of vandalism is going to be performed. I think 
  we should dump it on the highway, like, through it outa da window or so.
AA B: Yeah, donīt worry, by the way where was everybody - itīs quite dumb to 
  leave the house unlocked when the Autonomous Agents are travelling!
AA A: Ha! Right, there must be someone around. Letīs just drive around that 
  corner - I think I can hear some voices.

... after having spent about 15 minutea at the scene the car is moving again, 
pulling around the corner of the next building ahead. 2 elder men and a dog 
are standing at the dock waiting for the agents to mess up their lives.

AA A: Excuse me Sirs. Is this the ferry to Germany?
AA B: Excuse me Sirs. Is it possible to eat in town?

One of the gentlemen, suspiciously regarding AA B who is leaning on the VCR 
between the frontseats, explains: "The next ferryīs going at 2am" and continues 
to stare inside the car.


"seeing that it was obviously two unarmed denish familyīnīdog-fathers who wouldnīt be much fun if we looking for more entertainment through harrassment. So we left them alone to their dreamworlds to let them find out about the VCR on their own later" reported Autonomous Agent B later. "So we just had a little fire near the highway, dancing around the flames and the poor remains of the VCR thatīs sure been involved in some of the usual rituals before it finally disintegrated under the pressures of the techniques applied." he goes on "Later we did the usual raping in the dark before we left the country with our hi-fli pedi_copter ..." Any connection with the rocker-bombings or minor riots around kobenhavn have never been proved nor disapproved.