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Kicked in the face (english)
by Devin Asch 10:39am Thu Sep 28 '00
During a nonviolent action at the Renaissance hotel this man was tackled,cuffed,and kicked in the face while his head was held to the ground. He was realeased the next day with no
charges. His name is Matt Price.

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i've joined the same party.....
by zenigada 5:16pm Fri Sep 29 '00
it's long and hard way to do... and here (I) it's very hard,trust me.. keep it up!
above us the sun,and nothing else!

rise above!
by rise above 11:13pm Fri Sep 29 '00

jealous cowards try to control
rise above, rise above
they distort what we do
rise above, rise above
when they can't do it themsleves
rise above, kid rise above
are tired
of your abuse
try to stop us
it's no use

nothing is black or white
by Lukashiva 10:44am Sun Oct 1 '00
... and what's about 50 injured cops?????
btw. I'm from Praha.. have a nice day.
nothing is black or white

50 injured pigs? good!
by kropotkin 1:36pm Sun Oct 1 '00
pigs defend capital and capitalism with murder and brutality - like above. they are our
worst enemy and deserve to get "injured."

here's a bit of colour then..
by paul 11:17pm Sun Oct 1 '00
phone: 0777 350 2279
Who was ordered to be in Praha in their thousands and told to bring CS gas, water
cannons, big heavy sticks, riot gear, steel toe-cap boots (for kicking people in the
face without hurting your toes)?
Who grabbed people at random from the streets beat them, imprisoned them and
beat them again? Only 50 of them got hurt... ...371 Thai people were killed when a World Bank financed clear felling of half a million hectares of trees led to huge landslides in 1988
Paramilitary forces in Colombia have killed six indigenous people of the Embera
Katio community who are protesting the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the
Sinu River, ten others have 'disappeared' There are as yet no estimates of the numberes thought to have died as Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) require countries recieving loans from the World Bank to cut expenditure on healthcare for the poorest.
It's not numbers.. Its the rich fucking over the poor,
Who do the police protect?

response to Lukashiva
by Matt Price 2:21am Mon Oct 2 '00
Dear Lukashiva,
I'm sorry you didn't leave an email address, I would have liked to talk to you. I'm the
person pictured in the photo. I share much of your anger over the way the
demonstrations went. I saw police attacked without reason by anarchists bearing
sticks; it seemed to me both obviously stupid, from a tactical perspective, and entirely
immoral. I left the demonstration in a rage. Nonetheless: the arrests that occurred on Tuesday evening were part of a strategy ofdeliberate political repression. You must remember that most of those who were arrested and beaten, were arrested for no reason at all, simply for walking down the
street. Moreover, we were beaten in situations in which we ourselves were helpless. And the fact that the police were mistreated by some demonstrators, IN NO WAY gives them a right to go on a repressive rampage against more or less randomly-chosen individuals. Their job is to uphold the peace and protect democracy, not to undermine both. Don't you agree? And when they deliberately thwart their mission, they should be held accountable. I strongly hope that we can come to some agreement on this. Please respond if yousee this posting.

This is typical
by Nick Cook 2:54am Wed Oct 4 '00
address: West Sussex, England
This is such a typical thing that the police love to do! I mean, in London on MayDay
2000 the police parked a van in the middle of Parliament square! Knowing that when
the demonstration becomes heated, people will attack the van: the problem is, the
newspapers you a story of a burning Police van, as the 'LAW' retreat!!! Another thing
is, the police taunt the protestors, urging them to fight: resulting in a political riot,
deamed by the newspapers and political leaders as 'a group of mindless thugs'.
I totally support what happened in Prague, and I wish i was there (but im only 17), and
i am discusted that there was no reports on the news in England, except for one five
minute showing of the police running from 'dangerous anrchists'.
I can't wait for the next one in London....i want to get everybody to sit down infront of
the riot police, and chant 'DOWN BABYLON'!

don't use the violence
by federico scienza 4:29am Wed Oct 4 '00
address: italy
using violence bring nothing to the protest, allow just the other part to say & think that they do well and that u can't understand what is going on, that u are ignorant, so, please don't use the violence.
i'm italian but not KatholiK.


by charlie 11:04am Wed Oct 4 '00
All this talk about violence. It seems to have become an obsession. Reall will it ever dissappear? Very few of us actually enjoy the experience of violence be we the perpetrators or the victims. I desire a 'society' where violence is not necessary, where it is uncommon. But to imagine that we can stop the IMF, WOrld Bank or whoever from meeting without being confronted by the forces of state violence is absurd. And how do we respond to them. With many tactics, including sometimes violence. Personally I would try to refrain but I will not condem the people who trhow stones or smash mcdonalds. If you are worried about what people will think of riots then you shouldn't bother to speak up. Most people can see through the shit reporting that these events get. We spoke to many people in our home town during S26 and nearly everyone was supportive of waht we were doing and the demonstrations. Keep talking to people, explain the issues, find out that we all have common interests. Even a lot of the police. We are trying to destroy institutions, not people. So don't worry too much about theriots. they are an integral part of change, always have been. But do keep talking topeople, wherever you are. Explain the 'reality' of the world we live in. Why some people felt compelled to fight the prawns of the state, why others fight the army with bombs. Enough!


Violence, Violence
by Stoned-Tom 12:59pm Thu Oct 5 '00
I am writing this while the British press is celebrating the fact that the parliment
building is on fire and citizens are revolting, probably violently, in the former
yugoslavia. Why are they celebrating such violence? Because from their (and my) perspective
these people are revolting against a dictatorship. I belive that unless the IMF, World Bank, and all the other undemocratic, capitalist, institutions of the world are stopped, or at least held back from, carrying out their current agenda of free market reform, the soveriegn elected governments, of my
country and many others, (which may not be perfect, but at least are a step on the road to a society where people have control over their own lives)will lose their powerto make decisions, and that power will then be transfered to the multinational companies, banks, etc. None of which the mass of people have any control in, only a year ago this power was TRULY under threat from the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, if the program of the MAI had been succesful, investors, unelected,
unrepresentative, investors would have had power over our government... They could do it again. And we would have a dictatorship. I am so afraid of this happening, I cannot describe my terror of being subjected to the rule of a company. And I am angry too, as angry as those who tonight are asserting
their freedom in Belgrade and all other parts of Serbia, and I belive that I too, am justified in violence against what I see is a threat to democracy the world over. So I will fight... Hate me, love me I WILL fight, with whatever comes to hand, to maintain and improve my freedom, and when I see a fellow protestor injured I dont think, "oh the horror of violence" I think, this just symbolises what lengths these companies, and the institutions who support them, want to do to anyone who dares
raise their voice against them. So I raise my fist against them, with no fear, because it
is all I have. No illusions people, this is a WAR, for our democracy.

by tim platz 4:57pm Wed Dec 6 '00
fighting the cops, like fighting anyone in vengance, is a defeat within and against the

by Jesse 10:55pm Fri Apr 27 '01
To end corporate tyranny violence may be necessary. But as activist, protesters and/or anarchist, when we commit violence against people (even riot cops) we weaken our movement. When we commit violence against property we draw attention to our society's messed up priorities. When the police brutalize people they radicalize them. Their use of violence is the key to our victory. The tighter they try to hold us... the more of us slip through.


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